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Great game!

My time was 108:44.1000000000001... I took a long time... lol... I got stuck on a lot of things but I only needed help once... sadly, it was fairly easy on what I was stuck on... lol... The game was challenging and fun! I hope to see more games like this in the future! :D


I feel so small compared to everything I saw! We are so little but, we know so much!

Good game!

The plot made me a bit sad. ;__;
I got frustrated at some parts of the game when I wasn't fast enough or couldn't think outside the box... I liked the game and I would play it again! :)


I was a good game but didn't "WOW" me... Small glitches to the game. Like when I tried buying the $800 gloves I didn't get them... And it seems that after going though all that time trying to finish the game I didn't get my medal for defeating the game, even though the sign that said I defeated the game and got a medal popped up... :P Oh well... Good game. :)


I still love every part of this game even though some parts scared the living daylights out of me...

So, if you are having trouble with the game and can't figure it out then here's some help... If you've read what SilverStitch have wrote, then you should know that the endless tunnel is NOT the end of the game. Go back to where the Elevator was and go UP the Elevator and jump into the pipe. Then you'll be in a new room and you'll see 4 arrows. Make the first 3 arrows from the bottom point UP and the last one at the top point LEFT. Then pull the lever and you'll have an orb floating by your head.
This is the room where you also solve the COMPASS!!! From bottom to top make the arrows point LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, and UP. When that's done get out of there with the Elevator and go back to the moon. Click the moon and watch it go BOOM. Then go back to the compass and click it. There's a note inside. READ IT! Go back into the "endless" tunnel and finish the game.
That's all! :D

The game was great and it was fun figuring out what to do.The more games you make, the more I'll play! Thanks!!!


I have played many games like this one. But it's still fun to try it out. :)

Awesome game!

This game is great for when you have nothing to do. I've beaten the game and used as few colors as possible. Took me about 15 or 20 minute to do all that. It's simple but fun. It'll keep your mind busy and thinking. :D

Awesome!!! :D

This game really needs some medals! To unlock the "girl" you have to complete the game first. But trust me... it's not what you think... Sexy, pretty, hot, beautiful... None of that!!! It's just a four eyed brain squid with a pink bow... But the game was fun nevertheless!


I really do like this game! But, like a the last few reviews... Level 18 really does seem impossible... That gap is too big to jump or that the blocks of dirt above the gap keeps them from jumping any higher... and I even tried jumping over the spikes... But, other then that, I'd really like to see and play the rest of the game! :D

PS. The button in the middle... It needs to do something! :P


I played this thing twice!!! :D I love this!!! I cleared it with 1436 at first and 1793 the second time... :D $338,242 I was trying to get to a million dollars!!! Took too long!!!

I'm lactose intolerant... But, I can't stop drinking milk... :T




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