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An age where you can rent your own car. lol A quarter way to 100! XD

And here I thought it went in the stinker. lol

Speedo responds:

✌ ✌ ✌

Great story and what a cliffhanger!!

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Great game

The last one was a toughy but I got through! :D


Score: 63,272
3rd place today~! :3
But, honestly this game is a little bit boring... :|
The sketch didn't even look like the pic at all (except for maybe the first one...)
Level 10 was a lot harder than level 11... Just putting that out there.

Great game!

I really like this game a lot! :D
But... I think I found a BUG or two or three... >_> I can't upgrade the HALL when I'm in Tokyo or New York... :( 'Cause I think that the list to upgrade is too long and the rest of it is hanging out somewhere off screen...

The other bug is the one with the elevator... Sometimes the people just get stuck in there and won't come out... I fixed it buy destroying it and rebuilding it...

The other, other bug is dealing with the cleaning staff... A few of them get stuck in one place, cleaning nothing... And I'd have to Fire them just to get rid of them... Then rehire and upgrade them... D:

Well, hope you can fix these little bugs!!! >_< I really want to finish this addicting game!!!

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Sweet future bass! What can't you do? lol If you make music like this you might as well be popular on SoundCloud too! ♪~ ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ

Speedo responds:

thank uuu
i wish i could be popular enough to have it stolen and uploaded to youtube channels that post futurebass with pictures of cute anime girls in the video

Make me think of the end of a movie where main character was just kill and there is a flash back on his life before the movie ends. :) Like the ending of American Beauty.

BlazingDragon responds:

I haven't seen that movie, but I'll have to check it out!

By the way, your art is lovely. You are very talented. :)

This is AWESOME!!! Would love to hear more of your work here on Newgrounds~! :D

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pffftftpf pfffttff pttbbllb, indeed...

Would like this with an order of hot sauce, thank you. lol

Speedo responds:

now thats w hat i call a SPICY MEARBLAL

As George Takei would say... OHHH MYYYYYYY! lol

I'm lactose intolerant... But, I can't stop drinking milk... :T




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