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I'm lactose intolerant... But, I can't stop drinking milk... :T




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1. I try to don't worry but it will be always secretly deep in my mind xD
2. ...I think this never happened to me :P
3. I turned into an introvert guy because of that :P

Lol It is hard to know what is really worth worrying and caring about. But, everyone has an idea of what's worth their time and what's not. :)
Woo! Introverts don't hate people. We just choose our friends wisely. ;D

It's not possible to use these tips wisely, they're too arrogant.

Honestly, these ARE tips for living an individual's life and are fed up with social situation that could be easily avoided. Of course, I know not all people live like this and these tip aren't for everyone.

That's the advice I used to follow in high school, and it kinda left me unprepared for adulthood. We're stuck having to rely on each other to survive, though I do try and minimize the variables...

I kinda had the sense of t during high school but wished I used it more. Not saying to completely isolate oneself from society but it might help one to understand what to prioritize in life. Humans are weird. lol

Humans are indeed weird! Really enjoyed your latest pictures... though the ball of the bikini girl's foot looked kinda boxy and off centered somehow.

Thank you. :) I'll see if I can fix it. Drawing feet is so hard. XD

So very true. even The Shadling hasn't mastered the foot/shoe, but he is improving.

lol He's the master of booty. That's a fact! :)

Hey, did you graduate college or something? How've you been?!

Lol How'd you know that? XD I'm doing pretty well. :) I haven't talked you you in awhile. Hope you are doing well too!

Your last picture upload said you were graduating in 2 weeks, and I'm such an optimist...
Nah it's been a rough couple of months lately, but there's always room for improvement.
So, now that you've got a degree, where to next?

Oh man, I don't even remember what I wrote. lol
I'm sorry to hear that. I hope everything will get better for you soon! :)
My main goal for now is to get a job and move out of my old place. Might even go out of state.